Ansaldo Caldaie quality objectives are:

  • understanding the customer’s needs and expectations
  • supplying products that meet the customer’s needs and expectations as to quality and reliability
  • meeting the agreed delivery dates
  • continuously improving products and services
  • complying with the safety and environmental provisions of the law and constantly improving environmental & safety performance

To accomplish these objectives, Ansaldo Caldaie has made the following provisions:

  • A documented quality system certified to ISO 9001:2008 is operated by the company and the company’s quality manual is accessible to all employees. Concerning the quality requirements for fusion welding, the company operates in compliance with and is certified to UNI EN ISO 3834-2 Standards.
  • The company ensures that its quality policy, objectives and applicable system requirements are periodically reviewed and effectively communicated to all employees.
  • Internal audits are regularly performed both at the Company’s Headquarters and on Field Sites in order to verify compliance with all aspects of the quality system. Periodical external audits are also carried out by accredited organizations or by customers and results are carefully evaluated by the company.
  • The Company’s performance is regularly analyzed with a view to verifying the efficacy of the quality system and identifying improvement targets.

Attainment of quality objectives is ultimately measured by the Customers’ satisfaction.

The Company also holds the following ASME Code Stamps:

S – U
For Power Boilers, Power Piping and Pressure Vessels – Shop manufacture and field assembly, in accordance with ASME Code Sect. I, Sect. VIII div. 1 – ASME B31.1

For shop and field repairs and alteration in accordance with the National Board Inspection Code