Thanks to the experience and know-how inherited from our three original companies (Ansaldo, Breda Termomeccanica, Franco Tosi), over the years AC BOILERS SpA, formerly Ansaldo Caldaie, has acquired extensive knowledge in both the front-opposite and the tangential firing technologies. AC BOILERS can therefore provide solutions for its boilers and has also the expertise to solve most problems of boilers designed and supplied by other manufacturers.

In particular, AC BOILERS can offer:

Boiler full rehabilitation

Complete refurbishment of Steam Generators on full turn-key basis in order to restore the design output, provide fuel conversion, reduce emissions, provide boiler up-grade and / or modernization when requested. Rehabilitation works can include, where appropriate:

  • Design / re-design (if necessary); supply of new equipment and components
  • Repair / overhauling of systems and components necessary to ensure sustained commercial, safe and reliable operation at rated output (recovering availability and efficiency)
  • Dismantling, erection, commissioning, trial operation and Performance Guarantee Testing

In-furnace emission reduction

AC BOILERS is a front runner in clean combustion technology for both Front / Opposite fired and tangetially fired boilers, and has an extensive experience with:

  • Upgrading of existing burners for the enhancement of NOx and particulate matter control capability
  • Low-NOx burners for coal-oil firing (more than 590 burners manufactured, about 200 of which TEA-C) and  for oil-gas firing (more than 640 burners manufactured, all of them TEA “family”)
  • Air staging (Two Stage Combustion) with Over Fire Air and (more than 13,000 MWe installed power)
  • Flue Gas Mixing and / or Flue Gas Recirculation (about 8,700 MWe installed power)

AC BOILERS also offers:

  • Fuel conversions
  • Combustion tuning and boiler tests
  • Life assessment and diagnostic
  • Extraordinary maintenance
  • Emergency repairs
  • Long term service agreements
  • Spare parts management