ASV Adarsh, 3rd Floor, Block C

Door No. 719,
Pathari Road
Chennai – 600002

Ph. No. +91 44 4592 0101
Fax No. +91 44 4592 0100
e-mail: info@ansaldoboiler.in

Established in 2005, AnsaldoCaldaie Boilers India Pvt. Ltd., currently 26% owned by AC BOILERS SpA, operates directly and autonomously on India’s Power market providing engineering, procurement and manufacturing for AC BOILERS projects both in India and worldwide.
ACB Headquarters are located in Chennai, while the Manufacturing Facilities are in Trichy, Tamil Nadu, in the South of India.

Head Office

19, Hadiket El golf Street – 2nd Floor
Al Mokattam

Ph. No. +20 2 292 06 150
e-mail: info@acboilersegypt.com

Established in 2007 and 98% owned by AC BOILERS, AC Boilers Egypt is dedicated to the management of on-shore site activities in Egypt (erection, commissioning, supervision) for the projects awarded to AC BOILERS.
AC Boilers Egypt operates also as regional procurement center for AC BOILERS projects located in Egypt and worldwide.
Moreover, the Company provides service activities in Egypt and the nearby Countries.


5847 San Felipe Street, Suite 4150
Houston, Texas 77057

Ph. No. +1 713 590 5370
Fax No. +1 713 589 7221
e-mail: MacchiUSA@sofinter.us